A Brief Portrait of Hitit University
Hitit University is a state university located in Çorum and founded in 2006. 

Having started education with the slogan ‘the sun of knowledge enlightening the civilization’, Hitit University gives priority to universality of science, modern education and freedom of thought in its principles. 

Hitit University takes its name from Hittite Civilization, which was founded in Anatolia around the 18th century BC. They made Hattusha, located in the provincial borders of Çorum, their capital city and contributed a lot to the political, social and cultural improvement of Anatolia for many years. With its experienced, dynamic and qualified academic and administrative staff, Hitit University tries to reach its scientific goals in order to be successful at national and international level. Integrated with its region and industry in all respects, the university is committed to Atatürk’s Principles and Revolutions and open to innovations. It takes firm steps to achieve its aim with the motto of  ‘distinguished city, world university’.

The university employs about 1500 staff, 879 of which are academic and 376 of which are administrative. Currently, 16550 students are enrolled at the university. Apart from Turkish students, there are international ones coming from different parts of the world. In this truly international atmosphere, everyone can experience the cultural diversity of both the city and the institution.

Hitit University offers high quality programmes within its 11 faculties, 3 institutes, 1 school, 7 vocational schools and many different research centers. Students are stimulated to develop into independently minded people who are capable of thinking analytically.






Faculty of Arts and Sciences


Art History*






Turkish Language and Literature



Molecular Biology and Genetics


History of Art


Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

Banking and Finance

Business Managemet 


Public Finance

International Relations

Political Science and Public Administration

International Trade and Logistics Management

Labour Economics and Industrial Relations*

Human Resources Management

Faculty of Divinity

Basic Islamic Sciences

Islamic History and Arts

Philosophy and Religion Sciences

Faculty of Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Computer Engineering*

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Food Engineering


Industrial Engineering*

Mechanical Engineering

Metallurgy and Materials Engineering

Polymer Engineering

Civil Engineering*

Mechatronics Engineering*

Energy Systems Engineering

Faculty of Medicine

Basic Medicine Sciences

Internal Medicine Sciences

Surgical Medicine Sciences

Faculty of Veterinary Sciences *

Faculty of Tourism*

Faculty of Dentistry*

Faculty of Fine Arts and Architecture




Textile and Fashion Design*

Faculty of Sports Sciences

Coaching Education

Physical Education and Sports


Sports Management

Faculty of Health Sciences

Child Development


Nutrition and Dietetic*

Physiotherapy and Rehabilition*

Social Services*


Health Management*

Vocational School of Technical Sciences

Computer Technology

Electricty and Energy

Electronics an Automation



Machinery and Metal Technology

Archtecture and City Planning

Textile, Clothing, Footwear and Leatherwear

Motor Vehicles and Transportation Technology

Environmental Protection

Metarial and Metarial Processing


Plant and Animal Production

Property Protection and Safety

Chemistry and Chemical Processing Technologies

Vocational School of Social Sciences

Finance, Banking and Insurance

Accounting and Tax Applications

Management and Organisation

Marketing and Advertising

Office Management and Executive Assistance

Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Services


Aviation Management

Property Protection and Safety

Social Service and Consultancy

İskilip Vocational School

Architectural and City Planning

Medical Services and Technics



Osmancık Ömer Derindere Vocational School


Electronic and Automation


Architectural and City Planning

Medical Services and Technics

Office Management and Executive Assistance

Property Protection and Safety

Management and Organisation

Sungurlu Vocational  School

Social Service and Consultancy

Child Care and Youth Services

Computer Technology

Foreign Trade

Theraphy and Rehabilitation

Management and Organisation

Medical Services and Technics

Alaca Vocational School

Electronic and Automation

Food Processing

Property Protection and Safety

Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Services

Medical Services and Technics


Health Services Vocational School

Theraphy and Rehabilitation

Medical Services and Technics

*Students will be accepted in the following years.

Faculties / Institutes / Schools / Vocational Schools
“Happy the nation that has plenty of good schools, good books, good rules and customs for educating its youth.”

Jan Amos Komenský – Comenius (1597-1670)

Inspired from this famous quote of Comenius, who is considered the father of modern education, Hitit University aspires to enhance the number and quality of academic staff and programs to transfer the power of knowledge to future generations.