Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences

he Master of Forensic Sciences Program is an interdisciplinary program within the Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences at Hitit University, started to enroll students in 2018. The program delivered its first graduates in July 2020.

The Department of Chemistry led the foundation of the Master of Forensic Science with the help of other departments from various faculties of Hitit University. Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Medicine, and Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences took part in the master program. The master program includes many different areas of science with courses and practices.

HITU Forensic Science graduate program offers a single diploma. Besides, it has the originality of the course that will enable students to specialize in various disciplines. These disciplines are:
- Forensic Chemistry,
- Forensic Toxicology
- Forensic Biology and Microbiology
- Forensic Anthropology
- Forensic Nursing
- Forensic Veterinary
- Forensic IT
- Crime Scene Investigation and Criminalistics


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