Vocational High School of Technical and Social Sciences

The Vocational High School was established as a Mechanical Vocational High School in 2014, it was divided into two vocational schools, technical and social sciences.  The Vocational High School carries out educational activities at the main and the other campuses, currently with a total enrollment of 1819 students as at June 2020, in 15 programs under 11 departments.

At present, the Vocational High School offers 15 programs under the 11 departments.

1. Department of Computer Technologies
Computer Programming
2. Department of Electrical and Energy
Electrical Program
3. Department of Electronics and Automation
4. Department of Handicrafts
Architectural Decorative Arts
5. Department of Construction
Construction Technology Program
Construction Inspection Program
6. Department of Machinery and Metal Technologies
Machine Program
7. Department of Architecture and Urban Planning
Map and Cadastre • Map and Cadastre (Kargı Campus)
8. Department of Motor Vehicles and Transportation Technologies
Automotive Technology
9. Department of Design
Fashion Design
Interior Design (Bayat Campus)
10. Department of Property Protection and Security
Occupational Health and Safety
Occupational Health and Safety (Kargı Campus)
11. Department of Chemistry and Chemical Processing
Chemical Laboratory Technology

The Department of  Computer Programming
The Computer Programming department was established in 1992 with the aim to train students as “Computer Programming Technicians” in order to meet the rising demand for semi-skilled and educated labor in the ever-changing realms such as software development, hardware maintenance, network setup and administration by public and private sector.

The Department of  Electrical and Energy
The department of Electrical and Energy was established in 1978. It aims to meet the demand for educated electrical technicians in the public and private sector. The department has been making progress with quality academic work in various type of energy in addition to electrical energy.

The Department of  Electronics and Automation
The department of Mechatronics was founded on the principle of raising graduates with sought after skills.  Mechatronics consist of a broad range of application areas, such as smart home technologies, computer aided manufacturing and robotics.

The Department of Handicrafts
The architectural Decorative Arts Program was founded in 2015. The aim of the architectural decorative arts program is to train technical staff to gain design habits in the interior and exterior architectural building decoration arts, the design stages of the decoration materials, with innovations in the field of art and technology. The students not only protect the architectural structures from our artistic and cultural assets in accordance with the original, but also brings new decoration suggestions.

The Department of Construction
The program started in 1980 under the name of Construction Program. In 2009-2010 academic year, the name of the program was changed to Construction Technology. The department trains technical staff with “technician” title, who have general knowledge about construction and application skills applied in construction industry.

The Department of Chemistry and Chemistry Processing
The Chemical Laboratory Technology Program was established in 2019. The primary objectives of the program are to educate semi-skilled labor who have knowledge about laboratory equipment and the laboratory techniques, ability to perform physical, chemical, biochemical, microbiological, toxicological analysis of raw materials such as soil, water, air; and industrial raw materials such as gas, feed, polymeric materials, additives, waste, minerals, and residues.

The Department of Machine
The machine Program started during the 1975-1976 academic year under the Ministry of National Education. In the following years, the name of the program was changed to Machine-Motor and then to Motor Program. It was reopened as a Machine Program in the 1991-1992 academic year. In 2006 the department started admitting students to the evening program. This program trains semi-skilled labor for the machinery industry operating in the public and private sectors with the title of “Machine Technician”.

The Department of Architecture and Urban Planning
The education and training activities started in 1992 under the name Map Cadastre as a part of the Gazi University. Since 2006, teaching continues under the Vocational High School of the Hitit University. The name of the program was changed to Map and Cadastre in 2009. In addition, the same program began in Kargı Campus in 2017.

The Department of Motor Vehicles and Transportation
The department was founded in 1982 under the name Motor Program. In 2013, the name was changed to Motor Vehicles and Transport Technologies. Within the scope of Motor Technologies, our students gain knowledge and skills in the fields of gasoline and diesel engines, auto maintenance, engine repair, engine settings, auto painting and bodywork. Developing industry technology offers new job opportunities to students.

The Department of Property Protection and Security
The program of Occupational Health and Safety started in 2017. Its objective is to educate students mainly about general law and prevention of risks associated with workplace. Graduates have opportunities to work in a broad section of industry as a “Occupational Health and Safety Technicians”.

The Department of Design
The department of Design offers two programs. The Fashion Design started in 2015 and is devoted to training semi-skilled labor for private textile and confectionary and students qualify as “Fashion Design Technicians” upon completion. The educational activities of Interior Design Program are carried out at Bayat Campus.


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