Faculty Of Fine Arts, Design And Architecture

Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture was established on April 25, 2013, as the seventh faculty of The University of Hitit. The faculty has started its activities at the undergraduate level by accepting students for the Departments of Painting and Music in the 2018-2019 academic year. With the unique structure of being a fresh faculty of a leading university, attempts of launching new departments are also ongoing.

Department of Music
Established in 2013, the Department of Music has started the education as of 2018-2019 academic year by accepting its first students. Having quota as 30 for each year, the department has the opportunity of additional places for international students.

In the campus, the department has its residential area. It consists of specially-designed acoustic wood sound-insulated office-classroom of piano, individual study rooms and classrooms. It has a sense of space that allows individuals for their personal music studies. Besides in the campus, there exists a faculty-affiliated conference hall where the concert and recitals can be held in.

Department of Painting
Established in 2013, The Department of Painting has started active education in the 2018-2019 academic year with a student-centered approach based on developing creative personalities. The program aims to educate individuals with a degree of expertise in theoretical fields such as philosophy of art, sociology of art, theories of art and aesthetics, as well as providing them intellectual knowledge, technical skills and artistic vision.

Courses, for this purpose, take place in work areas such as workshops, reading halls, exhibition halls, computer-aided design laboratories to make use of technological facilities at most and in places decorated with the necessary infrastructure and equipment in the city center, which supports both traditional and modern art.


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