Faculty of Health Sciences

Faculty of Health Science  was opened as the Health College in 1996. Then the conversion of the Health College to the Faculty of Health Sciences was in 2018. There are Nursing, Nutrition and Dietetics, Child Development, Health Management, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Social Service and Midwifery Departments within the Faculty of Health Sciences with 4 years of education.

Today, there are 7 departments and 3 of them admit students. The departments admitting students are listed below:
The Department of Nursing
The Department of Child Development
The Department of Health Management

The Department of Nursing
The duration of the Nursing Department is 4 years. The language of instruction is Turkish and there is an advanced vocational English course in addition to Turkish curriculum. Within the scope of preventive health, human, environment, and nursing is the basis of the curriculum.

Our training program includes general courses, departmental courses and clinical applications that help our students gain experience in the field of acute care and public health. This program aims to enable a nurse with  bachelor’s degree to maintain and develop evidence-based care, educative and researching, consulting and leadership.

Our department has fully equipped Nursing Skills Labs, Computer Laboratory and Library. In our university, students have the opportunity to express themselves at international standards while preparing for the profession

The Department of Child Development
Hitit University Department of Child Development was opened in 2011 and started education with 60 students in 2017-2018 Fall Semester.

Child Developmentalists; can carry out projects to the institutions and organizations related to the child and family, to produce, to carry out, to advise and to review the projects, to evaluate the development and skill areas of children (Mental / cognitive, language, motor, social and emotional, self-care), to follow up their development, to prepare programs to support the development of child and family.

Educating and supporting  the families about the development, to training, guidance and counseling services on the development, health and education of children to family, monitoring of development in hospitals, determination of educational objectives for individual and group activities, preparation of programs for children in various publications in-service training studies, toy design and children books, consultancy and audit work with preparation of training programs.

The Department of Health Management
Health management is the planning, organization, mobilization and supervision of material and human resources to protect and improve the health level of the society through serving health services. It is a process that involves interrelated social and technical functions and activities that emerge within a certain formal organization to achieve predetermined goals through human and other resources.

Hitit University Health Management Department was established in 2014 and connected to the Health College in 2017. As a result of the application we made for student admission to our department in the 2018 - 2019 academic year was approved by the Higher Education Council.


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