Faculty of Sports Sciences

Faculty of Sports Sciences was established  on July 30, 2017. There are four active departments:
The Department of Coaching Education
 • The Department of Sports Management
The Department of Physical Education and Sports
The Department of Recreation

The Department of Coaching Education
The department of Coaching Education monitors, conditioners and fitness trainers are trained at the advanced level required in the increasing number of sports branches. In addition, it is to train creative people who are experts in the selected sports branch, love people, have high communication skills, are extroverted, have self-discipline, have leadership qualities that can manage and direct their own group, and are open to innovations.

In the department, education is given mainly in the field of training (movement) education. Our aim in the education and training process is; While training qualified coaches needed in the field of sports, it is to make the necessary efforts to increase the performance of our athletes and the quality of life of our society by conducting continuous research in sports related fields.

The Department of Sports Management
The Sports Management Department trains sports managers who are capable of performing these tasks, the program includes courses and subjects such as law, business, management and organization, communication, marketing.

The Department of Physical Education and Sports
The language of teaching is Turkish. Physical Education and Sports Teaching is an interdisciplinary field that includes educational sciences, educational psychology, sports psychology, human anatomy and kinesiology, exercise physiology, training science, psychomotor development, teaching principles and methods.

The Department of Recreation
Hitit University Faculty of Sport Science Recreation Department started education in the academic year 2018-2019. The department aims to educate students who can plan creative, quality and qualified leisure activities. The students of the department are trained in proficiency in business, economics, communication and tourism.


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