Sungurlu Vocational School

Sungurlu Vocational School started education in 2002-2003 as Sungurlu Vocational School in Gazi University and with the establishment of Hitit University, it joined this university in 2006. It provides education in total 9 programs consisting of 8 normal education and 1 evening education.

1. Computer Technology Department
2. Medical Promotion and Marketing Department
3. Foreign Trade Department
4. Social Work Department
5. Physiotherapy Department
6. Child Care and Youth Services Department
7. Management and Organization Department

Management and Organization Department
"Business Management Program" and "Health Institutions Management Program" programs continue their education activities under the Department of Management and Organization.

Business Management Program
The goal of the program is; to train professional intermediate staff who can work in the public and private sectors.

Business Management Program graduates; Sales, marketing, production, human resources, financing, stock market, insurance, accounting, public relations, advertising, organization and system management, purchasing

Health Institutions Management Program
Program started education and training activities under the name of Hospital Management and Organization in 2008 within our School, and in 2009 it was renamed as Health Institutions Management. Graduates who successfully complete the program are awarded an Associate Degree in the field of “Healthcare Management”.

Physiotherapy Department
In the success of the treatments, it is of great importance that the application is performed by well-trained assistant health personnel. Program is to train the trained healthcare professionals who are trained in this area, which are lacking in the field of physical therapy.

Foreign Trade Department
Foreign Trade Professionals needed by the companies that can use effective communication techniques and that operate at national and international level, such as export, import, foreign trade transactions accounting, foreign exchange and customs clearance.

Social Work Department
The aim of the social work program is to train qualified, equipped and knowledgeable intermediate staff needed in the social work practices.

The program provides the opportunity for the graduates to participate in the solution of the problems of individuals, families, and society, and to work in order to eliminate the opportunity inequalities and income distribution injustices in today's societies.

Medical Promotion and Marketing Program
Medical Promotion and Marketing Program is a program that educates salespeople in the pharmaceutical and medical sector.

Child Care and Youth Services Department
He/she will have knowledge of children’s psychology, healthy, nutrition, developments, learning properties and challenges. He/she will have the information of evaluation and interpretation comparatively the accuracy, reliability and validity of the gaining information on child development.

Computer Technology Department
Information prepared to meet the needs of the elements comprising an associate degree program in the industry. Problems in computer technology identification, capable of analyzing and solving, lifelong learning.


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