International Student Graduate Application

2022-2023 Academic Year Fall Semester International Student Graduate Student Admission Applications will be made online between 01-27 August 2022.


To complete your application, scan each document below with its official translation (Turkish or English). Then upload and attach these documents in pdf or jpg format to the online application form.

All documents must be in Turkish or English. If not, they must be translated into both languages by a translation agency. If the applicant is accepted, original copies of all documents will need to be submitted during registration. It is the applicants' responsibility to upload the original and translated documents accurately and completely, with no incorrect or missing information.

Online Orientation Fee

In order to complete your graduate program application, you must pay the Online Orientation Fee of USD 40 and send us the receipt. If you are applying from abroad, you can complete the payment quickly with your credit card. If you are applying within Turkey, you need to go to the nearest Halkbank branch for payment.

HALKBANK USD IBAN: TR70 0001 2009 3120 0053 0006 09

Note: The Online Orientation fee is non-refundable once you complete your application. Also, payment of this fee does not automatically imply acceptance.

Online Orientation Fee receipt please SHARE WITH WHATSAPP NUMBER +90 364 219 1995


The photo must be 4.5x6 cm and taken within the last 6 months to ensure that the applicant is clearly recognizable. If the photo does not meet the required criteria, it will not be accepted. If the applicant is accepted, the photo will be used on the Student ID card.

Bachelor's Diploma (Master's Diploma for PhD)

The original and translation (Turkish or English) of the undergraduate diploma must be uploaded. Applicants who have not yet received their diploma must upload an official letter (Temporary Graduation Certificate) from the high school they graduated from, stating the expected graduation date and expected GPA.


Applicants must submit an official transcript of their undergraduate courses. Transcript Translation (Turkish or English)

If the transcript is not in Turkish or English, candidates are required to upload Turkish or English translations together with the transcript.

A Letter of Intent and Two Academic Reference Letters:

A graduate school letter of intent is, in essence, a cover letter for your application. You need to prepare a text that focuses on who you are. The letter of intent is meant to briefly explain why you are applying to a particular program. Also explain why you are suitable for your chosen program. An academic reference focuses on academic ability and suitability for the program of study. For this reason, we ask you to contact two academics you have taken a course with and ask him/her to provide you with a reference letter.

2022-2023 Academic Year Fall Semester International Student Application Calendar for Graduate Programs

Application Period for New Student Candidates:        August 01-20, 2022

Announcement of Results                                          August 27, 2022

Final Registration of New Students                            September 05-12, 2022


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