International Office Tasks




Establishing New Academic Collaborations

Develop strategic partnerships with universities worldwide to foster research-based cooperation.

Facilitate joint research projects,

Organize faculty exchanges,

Develop collaborative academic programs,

Initiate memoranda of understanding (MOUs) and agreements,

 Promote shared resources and facilities for research

Supporting Academic Units

Assist academic departments in establishing and nurturing relationships with partner institutions.

Provide logistical and administrative support for drafting and signing agreements,

Coordinate joint academic events and workshops, Assist in the development of joint degree programs,

Promote faculty and student exchange programs,

Support participation in international academic networks.

Assisting Outgoing Students

Support students in their pursuit of international education opportunities.

Guide students in selecting appropriate study abroad programs,

Assist with application processes and documentation,

Facilitate placement and registration at partner universities,

Provide pre-departure orientations,

Offer advice on scholarships and financial aid for study abroad.

Welcoming Incoming Students

Provide comprehensive administrative and operational support to international students joining Hitit University.

Organize comprehensive orientation programs,

Assist with visa and immigration processes,

Offer cultural integration activities and workshops,

Provide ongoing academic and social support, Facilitate housing and accommodation arrangements.

Representing the University Internationally

Enhance Hitit University’s global visibility and reputation by supportive strategies that addresses multiple aspects of the university’s operations and outreaches

Participate in international academic conferences, consortiums, and educational fairs,

Promote the university’s academic programs, research initiatives, and international partnerships,

 Network with global academic and research institutions,

Represent the university in international educational consortia and alliances,

Publish and disseminate information on international collaborations and achievements


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