Language of Instruction for Graduate Studies

Candidates applying to graduate programs where Turkish is the language of instruction must fulfill the following requirements

Students who are admitted to graduate programs must possess a C2 certificate obtained from the Turkish Proficiency Exam conducted by Hitit University or recognized by Hitit University to commence their education.

Second foreign language requirements are not demanded from international students applying for doctoral programs whose native language is not Turkish. Their native languages are considered as a second foreign language.

Students who cannot present a Turkish Proficiency Exam result during the registration process are enrolled in a Turkish preparatory class. They are given a maximum of two years to obtain a Turkish proficiency certificate. If they fail to present the certificate after this period, their affiliation with the Institute is terminated.

Candidates applying to programs where the language of instruction is 100% in English, Arabic, etc., must meet the minimum language exam score set by the Department of Basic Sciences/Fine Arts or must possess a document that meets this requirement.


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