Required Documents

Please make sure you fulfill application requirements before starting the application process. Online orientation fee payment:  HALKBANK USD IBAN: TR70 0001 2009 3120 0053 0006 09 Keep in mind that the online orientation fee is non-refundable. 

  1. The copy of one of the exam/diploma result(s) with a valid score accepted by Hitit University
    Applications, where any of the accepted exams or diplomas are not submitted with a valid score, will not be evaluated.
    If graduated, High School Diploma (if in another language rather than Turkish or English, notarized translation should also be submitted)
  2. Official transcript, showing all courses and grades taken in the entire high school education, approved by the high school authority. Applications without official transcripts for each year are not taken into consideration. Uploaded transcripts which are without wet signature and stamp or without e-signature, which can be verified online, will not be taken into consideration.
  3. If taken before, a language proficiency exam scores are accepted by Hitit University
  4. If available, an academic letter of recommendation letter
  5. If the applicant had/continue to have secondary education in Turkey, below documents are required:
    Residence Permit Copy for those with foreign nationality.
    Blue Card Copy or Official Letter for Renouncement from Turkish Nationality for those who renounced Turkish citizenship*
    Residence Permit Copy or an official document that shows the date of acquisition of Turkish citizenship (such as Vukuatlı Nüfus Kayıt Örneği or court decision) for those who acquire Turkish citizenship not by birth

All documents regarding application must be submitted to Hitit University International Office no later than the application deadline.


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