Residence Permit Application

It is your responsibility to be aware of and act according to the rules and regulations about residence permits. Please pay attention in order to avoid any serious legal problems and financial penalties in the future. In case of any problem or confusion, you need to contact Çorum Migration Office. Please note that Hitit University International Office would not assist you during the residence permit application process, it is solely your responsibility to obey any rules and regulations.

First Time Application

Newly admitted students, after registration to the Hitit University, must apply for a residence permit online (from

Once the online application is submitted,

As a registered student if you apply residence permit for the first time in Turkey, you are required to submit your application documents to the Çorum Immigration Office when you go to the appointment for the residence which is given online.

If you are a newly-admitted student but you previously had any type of residence permit in Türkiye (even if that permit is not valid anymore), you need to apply for the extension, renewal or transfer application.

Required Documents:

1. E-İkamet Online application form. (taken from

2. A valid passport and copy: 

3. 4 biometric photos

4. Health insurance 

5. The Residence Permit Information Form 

6. Document showing your address information: 

7. Residence permit card fee receipt 

8. Letter of Consent (for those who are younger than 18)

Extension, Renewal or Transfer Application:

Students first need to make an online application (from and get an appointment.

After that, students should be present at the Çorum Directorate of Migration Management on the appointment date and hour. Appointment details will be sent by the Migration Office once you complete your online application.

Required Documents:

1. E-İkamet online application form (taken from

2. A valid passport and copy 

3. 4 biometric photos

4. The Residence Permit Information Form 

5. Document showing your address information 

6. Health insurance 

7. Residence permit card fee 

8. Letter of consent (for those who are younger than 18)

9. Presentment of the previous residence permit

Important Notes:

1. Legal action is taken against students who do not follow the procedures.

2. You do not need to obtain a visa to enter Türkiye during the period your residence permit is valid. To illustrate, upon returning to Türkiye from a visit to your country during a semester break, you may present your residence permit. However, if the expiry date of your residence permit is close, you are recommended to contact the authorities not to face a last-minute problem at the airport.

3. Migration Management takes into consideration the online application date. In any circumstances, you need to take an appointment before your residence permit or visa expires.

4. The address you give while you are applying for a residence permit should be correct and complete.

5. In case of any change in name/surname, marital status, address, passport or department/program, etc. Corum Directorate of Migration Management should be notified immediately.

6. There should be no erasures or scrapes on the residence permit. In case of loss, Çorum Directorate of Migration Management should immediately be notified.

7. The list of students who are in statuses: registered, not registered, non-registration, on leave and disciplinary punishment is sent to Çorum Migration Office every semester. Information about those who have graduated, have left with their own will or have withdrawn their registration is sent to the related unit in about one week. Therefore, those must follow their residence procedure carefully.

8. Please do not forget that your student residence permit is only valid as long as you have an active studentship, regardless of the expiry date written on your residence permit card. If you (i) graduate from your program, (ii) cancel your registration from your program, (iii) do not register for the semester courses, (iv) get a semester leave, this means that your permit will be canceled by the Migration Office, even if your card says that your permit is still valid until a certain date.

9. The student residence permits of the students whose semester status is "on leave" or "not registered" for any reason (except exchange programs, international joint degree programs, and TÖMER courses) are canceled by the Migration Office. Please pay attention to this point while you are freezing your studies or getting leave for one or more semesters. Therefore, those who will stay in Türkiye for any reason without registering for the semester need to apply for a short-term residence permit. Do not wait to see your leave request be defined to the Student Information System, but make your online application for a transfer to a short-term residence permit as soon as you submit your leave request to your department. (Note: Those students who entered Türkiye initially with a student visa cannot transfer to a short-term/touristic residence permit and they need to leave the country and re-enter with a new visa.)  

10. If you are planning to stay in Türkiye while you are not registered in any program (for the graduation ceremony, for graduate program application, etc.) you need to apply for a short-term residence permit before your residence expires.

11. Undergraduate students need to leave the country within 10 days after graduation. This period is two months for the students graduating from graduate programs. (For undergraduate students, the graduation date is the date of the grade announcement. For graduate students, the date of the submission of the printed thesis to the Graduate School). Those who will stay longer must apply for a short-term residence permit before their residence expires, as stated above.

12. The student residence permit does not make the parents and other relatives of the student eligible for a residence permit automatically.  

13. Students who wish to work may do so by obtaining a work permit. However, for undergraduate students, the right to work commences after their first year of education and may not be more than twenty-four hours a week. Those who want to get a work permit need to apply to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. 

14. If you want to leave Türkiye while your residence permit application is under evaluation by the Migration Office, you need to get an official letter from the Migration Office letting you leave the country for a maximum period of 15 days. If you leave without this permission document, your ongoing residence permit application could be affected negatively and you could need to re-apply for the residence permit.


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