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As of now, the International Office is to provide remote or direct support to our existing students from 65 different countries and to prospective international students from different countries of the world would like to apply or already in the application process. The office was established in 2020 in order to support the internationalization vision laid by our Rector Prof. Dr. Ali Osman Öztürk and provide support to existing and prospect international students.


Hitit University sees the presence of international students as an indispensable and valuable member of the university. Therefore, International Office have never stop to improve herself to support international students. As a result of our effort, as of September 2022 we registered approximately 1000 full time active international students. They have already contributed much into the improvement in many areas that’s why Hitit family members (academics, students and staff workers) have been more positive and welcoming towards international students in time. Hosting international students from all over the world here in Hitit is a great value for us.


In particular with positive and proactive approach International Office have never hesitated to improve her capacity to serve international students since 2020. Office has placed international student enrollment on a long-term process and has created a progressive enrollment system to enroll the best students. Our staff have been relentlessly working to support international students with their improving knowledge and experiences. They love to utilize their capacity for the best outcomes and happiness before, during and after the application and registration process. 

The International Office recommends all existing and prospective students to visit our International Office Website for providing feedbacks in order to improve our capacity. We would love to receive feedback from anyone and answer if you have any question.  During your visit to our website, if you could not find answers of any question in your mind, please reach us through our communication infos posted here.

Please do not hesitate to visit our office to meet us or solve any issues you encountered during your registration process. We will be happy to meet and solve any problem. Lastly, we wish wish all our students a successful and productive year in the 2022-2023 academic year.

Kind regards,

International Office Coordinator

Assistant Prof. Dr. Murat Toman


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